Asked Questions

RxSS Plus is a licensed pharmacy that coordinates prescription fulfillment and delivery upon patient request. RxSS Plus works with affiliated pharmacies, including ScriptHero Pharmacy, to dispense prescription medications to your doorstep.

Rx Savings Solutions (RxSS) provides prescription transparency tools and pharmacy benefit navigation services to members whose employer or health plan offers Rx Savings Solutions.

ScriptHero Pharmacy is part of a larger dispensing pharmacy network that utilizes cutting-edge technology to serve patients nationwide.

Prescriptions sent to RxSS Plus are transferred to ScriptHero Pharmacy, where licensed pharmacists manage prescription fulfillment and delivery to customers throughout the country.

RxSS Plus is proud to make ScriptHero Pharmacy’s services available to Rx Savings Solutions members, which is why we are RxSS Plus, powered by ScriptHero Pharmacy.

When you pick RxSS Plus to coordinate your prescription delivery, benefits include:

  • the convenience of delivery, plus a non-insurance (cash) price option that can be less expensive
  • access to expert support from certified pharmacy technicians
  • a streamlined filling process since insurance is not required to complete your order
  • avoiding some restrictions required by your prescription benefit plan, such as prior authorizations.

RxSS Plus is currently only serving Rx Savings Solutions members. If your employer or health insurer offers Rx Savings Solutions as part of your benefits, you may have access to this service.

Click “Request Delivery” next to each delivery-eligible medication that appears in the “Medicine” page of your Rx Savings Solutions portal or mobile app or choose delivery as your preferred fulfillment option. All available fulfillment options, including RxSS Plus, will be shown to you.

If RxSS Plus is selected, the pharmacy will work with your prescriber to obtain copies of your prescriptions and coordinate dispensing to your doorstep.

No. As part of the RxSS Plus service, we will request a prescription transfer from your prescriber or facilitate a prescription transfer from your existing pharmacy, unless you prefer to contact your prescriber or pharmacy directly as necessary.

Currently, RxSS Plus operates independently from health insurance or pharmacy benefit plans and is not an “in-network” pharmacy. But, due to many factors, our members often enjoy lower prices on a variety of prescription drugs.

Reimbursement policies differ from company to company and even between different insurance plans offered by the same company.

If your plan does reimburse for purchases made outside the plan or at an out-of-network pharmacy, you will likely need to submit a claim and proof of purchase. Please check with your insurance provider for more information.

Depending on the medication, your cost may be higher or lower than what you would pay for mail-order though insurance.

With RxSS Plus, you also may NOT be required to:

  • purchase certain quantities of the medication
  • try a similar medication beforehand that your insurer prefers to cover (“step therapy”)
  • wait for the insurance company to approve a medication your doctor prescribes before you can purchase it (“prior authorization”)

Your medication is shipped to your desired location using ground shipping carriers.

Prices for any prescription will vary based on quantity, dosage, insurance coverage (if any), pharmacy, delivery options, and many other factors. The Rx Savings Solutions portal or mobile app displays all available options—including similar medication options—along with out-of-pocket costs.

The same information is available over the phone with RxSS Plus Member Support. Our price may be the lowest-cost option, but not always.

RxSS Plus accepts prescriptions for more than 1,200 medications. You can determine whether RxSS Plus can accept yours by using the search feature in your Rx Savings Solutions portal or mobile app or by calling RxSS Plus Member Support.

RxSS Plus simplifies the refill process by automatically keeping track of when your medications are due for refills. As the refill date approaches, you will receive an email from RxSS Plus to confirm and pay for your medication refill. If you are out of refills, we will proactively work with your doctor to get the required refill request.

You can pause delivery by changing the settings on the “Medicine” page of your Rx Savings Solutions portal or mobile app, or by simply not ordering at the next refill date. You can resume delivery anytime by requesting delivery in the same portal or app page. If you need your prescription transferred to another pharmacy, we can assist with that also.

For refill requests, customer service or delivery-related questions, please call RxSS Plus Member Support at 800-268-4476. For medication-related questions, please call ScriptHero Pharmacy at 866-411-9134.

Simply enter a valid credit or debit card number in the secure online payment platform in your Rx Savings Solutions portal. HSA/FSA debit cards are accepted. The process is similar to an online purchase of any other product.

Payment information is currently not stored or kept by Rx Savings Solutions or RxSS Plus.

Ground shipping is included in the cost displayed for your medication. There are no additional fees for prescription delivery.

Unless otherwise noted, prescriptions are shipped by ground parcel delivery services.

No, like most packages delivered by shipping couriers today, no signature is required by the recipient.

To maintain your privacy, your prescriptions will be delivered in a simple white, protective envelope.

Prescriptions typically arrive within 2 days of your order being processed. Slight delays may occur due to extreme weather and other uncontrollable events.

You will receive an email with a tracking ID number and link to the courier’s package tracking website. Simply use the tracking ID to see where your package is enroute to the delivery location.

Call RxSS Plus Member Support right away at (800) 268-4476. We will help to track down your medication.

To simplify your experience, the payment window is prepopulated with your name, address, phone number and prescription information. Your date of birth and other basic information is also stored securely within the Rx Savings Solutions system.

Please contact RxSS Plus Member Support at (800) 268-4476 to update any non-medication related information that may affect an order in process. Otherwise, updates can be made in your account settings in the Rx Savings Solutions member portal or mobile app.

All information transferred to and from RxSS Plus and its affiliates is encrypted through SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology, up to and above the industry standard. Your demographic and patient information is always stored according to strict federal privacy standards, including HIPAA. Check out our Privacy Policy to understand how we protect your data and the limited ways in which it is used.